Legal advertising is publication arising from the obligation of laws such as the Commercial Code, the company statutes or other binding regulations.

Examples of legal advertisement

  • The announcement of General Meeting holding (regular, emergency)
  • The decision of the General Meeting (such as the payment of dividends, changes in the form of shares, increase / decrease of capital stock, etc.)
  • Offer for purchase or assumption of shares
  • The publication of financial statements
  • Announcement of the merger, liquidation and other

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Asseco Slovakia, a.s.; EMERSON akciová spoločnosť; INTRANS a.s..; Julius Meinl Coffee Intl., a.s.; Komerční banka, a.s. ; Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej republiky; Union poisťovňa; UNIPHARMA – 1 lekárnická akciová spoločnosť and other

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